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Viamaster International Ltd is an international road freight operator offering professional road haulage services, pallet shipping and freight distribution. Its main markets are France, Italy and Spain.

The Viamaster group has a turnover of £18.5M, a UK office with 150 employees and 25 employees supporting across its EU services.

Viamaster has worked with Forward Computers (FC) since 2011. As the business experienced growth, it needed a freight software product that could offer more efficient reporting to better support the business.

FC was able to offer this in the form of its Forward Office product and it’s why Viamaster has been a customer for over 10 years.

Paul Pedley, Managing Director at Viamaster International Ltd explains why they find working with Forward Computers was particularly beneficial for their business post Brexit:

“For our business, there were huge advantages to working with Forward Computers post Brexit. We were one of the first clients to use their customs software and they have been incremental in supporting us by allowing us to simplify processes, as well as offering additional support for any issues that have arisen post Brexit.”

“During the initial changes, some of the major freight companies had to suspend services but due to the high tech customs software and support Forward Computers provided for our business, we were able to continue running a smooth operation – a large part of that was because we had the right software to be able to do it.”

Viamaster has seen great results from the FC reporting system, which has helped its business to identify when there are issues with any particular services or customers. It allows them to add and amend processes and systems as and when they need to, one example being customer KPIs.

Paul continues: “Working with FC has allowed our business to improve efficiencies – there is a lot of ability to make your own reporting or scheduled alerts so that you have scheduled tasks. In addition, FC are constantly updating their software so we know we are utilising the latest technology to make our processes even more efficient. The flexibility they offer is also incredibly useful – we aren’t stuck with a rigid system and can continuously change and adapt our processes to meet the needs of our customers.

“We are very happy with the service Forward Computers provide and would recommend it to any other businesses looking for freight IT software support to improve efficiencies.”



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