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RW Freight is an independent family-run company, founded by Ron Willis in 1971 and still successfully managed by the family owners. It offers worldwide freight forwarding services, with a long-established specialisation in the Nordic countries.

The Directors were impressed with Forward’s approach to the freight business; in 1986 they were one of the few software companies offering a modular system and an analytical approach. Most of their competitors tended to ‘computerize’ existing outdated manual systems; Forward went back to the basics of the freight forwarding process and designed their software from there.

The original concept was to provide a modular system, so that each client could buy the modules appropriate to their business.

This approach continues to provide benefits in terms of efficiency and flexibility. Software is constantly updated in response to the business environment, and FC is always willing to respond to suggestions for improvement. Any upgrades are available to all clients.

Jane Willis, Quality Director comments…

“We’ve been working with Forward since they were founded in 1986. The business was unique in its modular and analytical approach, which we continue to find most beneficial. Modular, because companies are able to buy individual modules allowing them to have a tailored service, and analytical because of the way in which they implement new systems in line with the present and future needs of their clients.”

Remote connection enabled all operators to use the system throughout office closures during the pandemic and enabled us to give our customers the excellent service they expected.  Jane continues..

“They are constantly updating their software to respond to changes in the industry environment and the needs of freight forwarding companies. Working with them has enabled us to develop our business and improve our efficiency by using their software to the best of our ability and its maximum potential.”


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