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About Uniexpress

Uniexpress has been established for over 35 years and has grown from a small, independent company, to one of the leading businesses within the freight forwarding sector.

They specialise in supplying a personal service, including arranging shipments by sea, air, and road.

The business now has a national presence, with seven offices across the North of England and the Midlands, with a head office in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Activity with Forward Solutions

Uniexpress started working with Forward Solutions 20 years ago. Forward Solutions provide a freight forwarding solution for Uniexpress through its Forward Core package, offering front and back-office solutions, as well as supply chain management software.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer at Uniexpress, said: “We really appreciate the fact that Forward Solutions is willing to continuously invest in the development of its services, making sure all the suites they offer are as up-to-date and efficient as possible.

“The industry is constantly moving forward, with many of our clients undergoing digital transformations more and more every day. The latest innovation is a move towards the instant, real-time tracking of goods, especially for cargo on sea freight.”

Forward Vison

Forward Vision allows freight management companies to closely track the real-time progress of customer shipments, whether in the air, on the road or across the sea.

The need for clearer end-to-end supply chain analytics that bespoke specialist software provides, means that freight management companies can make better-informed decisions. These decisions go some way to making company operations more time and cost effective in the long run.

But that is not the only thing Forward Vision can help its customers with, as Michael adds: “Working with Forward Solutions has directly led to us gaining new customers. Before, some of our potential customers with whom we were keen to work alongside, would not consider joining us without a live tracking system. However, since we’ve invested in Forward Vision, we’ve seen new customers join us based upon what this new software specifically has to offer.”

For Michael, the support that the wider Forward Solutions team has provided Uniexpress with has really stood out as he added:

“We find the Forward Solutions team extremely helpful, especially as they are specialist, they understand the industry jargon that we all use and can help us work toward meeting the sector’s needs.

“Team Lead, Tom Donnelly is always on hand to support us. Whether it is during our monthly team calls, to make sure we iron out issues, or being available on the other end of a phone call or email to answer any questions we may have.”

If you would like to explore the full capabilities of Forward Vision, why not book a demonstration with Team Lead, Tom Donnelly? Click here to do so, today.


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