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Forward Solutions Adopts Pioneering Customer Service Software

October 16, 2023 kgreenwood

Forward Solutions Adopts Pioneering Customer Service Software

With an increasing number of pressure points at different stages throughout the global supply chain and costs continuing to rise for its customers, customers are increasing looking for greater efficiency.

This trend has led freight technology firm, Forward Solutions, to implement new software, which is set to provide huge improvements for customers, with a smoother, more efficient ticketing system.

The addition of HaloITSM, will do just that, revolutionising ticketing operations and improving customer communication in the process, saving time and money.

HaloITSM is the gateway to supporting customers through an ever-evolving ticketing system, which when partnered alongside a self-service portal lends itself perfectly to centralising communications.

Forward Solutions customers can now find exactly what they need through the self-service portal. And the potential of HaloITSM does not end there. No, the system houses many modules with a fully customisable element, allowing the user to toggle products on and off as needed.

HaloITSM has been designed to showcase a huge range of analytics and information that help support customer service. A new IT ticketing system provides up-to-the minute workflows, that centralises processes, keeping everything under one roof.

The platform is incredibly flexible and the team at Forward Solutions have been able to adapt it and utilise certain key functions that it knows its customers will benefit from, with further features to be unlocked and developed in the near future.

The team at Forward Solutions have been integrating the software into its own standards and procedures since April 2022, with a dedicated team putting hundreds of hours into the development. This has ensured the service has undergone rigorous testing and is in perfect shape for its own customers to use.

The Software Support team at Forward Solutions has already noticed a huge difference when it comes to efficiency in the workplace. Neil Howdle, Software Support, describes HaloITSM’s impact so far:

“The HaloITSM ticketing portal is very simple to use and pleasing to the eye which gives the application a cleaner and intuitive feel. It suits all areas of the business, rather than having to adapt to the way the application works.

“We have found that it is highly customisable, and the team have implemented changes based on colleague feedback, such as including a knowledge base, which can be a source of assistance – allowing the issued our clients experience to be resolved in a timely manner.

“The way in which HaloITSM works has already saved us many, many working hours in the day. It has unlocked such a great deal of time, that we are already noticing our teams have more availability to develop and work on more critical job role functions, rather than spending time on more time-wasting roles.”

At the forefront of industry innovations, Forward Solutions is continuing to look for different ways to continue improving not only its own customer service, but also the efficiency of its offerings.

As a result, it is not only Forward Solutions’ own internal team that is benefitting from HaloITSM. Almost thirty of the company’s customer base has either signed up to use or is already using the service at present.

Overseeing much of this implementation phase, is Helen Palmer, Support Manager at Forward Solutions.

She sees a bright future for HaloITSM within Forward and its customer base: “As a company, we are continuously reviewing our existing processes versus the latest technology available on the market, to ensure that both internally and externally, we are using the best of the best.

“Our commitment in utilising HaloITSM is just the latest in several projects we are looking at to continue assisting the growth of Forward Solutions and our customers.”


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