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Forward Thinkers Ying Huang

January 23, 2023 kgreenwood

Forward Thinkers Ying Huang

We’re pleased to introduce you to our latest Forward Thinker Ying Huang, Software Developer at Forward Solutions. 

Ying joined the team in 2015, after attending the University of Nottingham, where she studied Computer Science, sparking her interest in software development. 

Learning valuable skills at university, and with a big interest in software development, Ying felt she could have a successful career as a Software Developer at Forward Solutions. One of Ying’s main roles currently is development on the new and intuitive User Interface (UI).  

Ying works across many different aspects of the Forward Office Suite, including the new customs CDS suite and one of our integration offerings, Forward Office Connect. 

Ying added:

“Each day is very different at Forward Solutions; I spend a lot of my time making sure that our current systems are updated and running efficiently, as well as guaranteeing they meet the wants and needs of our customers. 

“I’ve been at Forward Solutions for eight years now, learning something new each day. The nature of the team helped ease me into my role, and with constant support from senior staff within the company, I knew my skills would continue to be developed and challenged during my time here. 

“What I like about Forward Solutions is that whilst utilising my existing skills, every day I’m still learning something new, whether that be programming using different scripts such as JavaScript or HTML or working on web services.” 

Richard Litchfield, Managing Director at Forward Solutions, added: “Ying is a valued member of the Forward Solutions team, she’s been working here for almost eight years now and knows our software inside and out. We’re really proud of how she’s developed and progressed in her time with us. 

Outside of work, Ying likes to spend her time playing a variety of video games.


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