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Forward Thinkers Helen Palmer

June 24, 2022 kgreenwood

Forward Thinkers Helen Palmer

As part of our Behind-the-Scenes stories our latest Forward Thinker, Helen Palmer, Support Manager at Forward Solutions. 

Before working in Software Support, Helen worked in restaurant management in London for an American restaurant group, before having her first child. 

Needing a more structured working life, Helen moved into the accounts department for the same company, allowing her to work 9-5 whilst being a mum.  

Helen wanted to work closer to her home in Dartford, Kent so moved into a new finance role for a freight forwarding company called SBS Worldwide (now DSV), which happened to be using Forward Office.  

When she decided to return to her hometown, Nottingham, to be closer to her family, which also happened to be the headquarters of Forward Solutions. There was a vacancy at Forward Solutions, so after a quick phone call and a recommendation from Bob Snelson, the head of IT at SBS, she joined the Forward family in 1999 as a Manager of the Software Support Team. 

Working with the Software Support team, Helen and her team of three help customers maximise Forward Solutions’ software. The team helps thousands of users understand the different modules which make up Forward Office.  

Helen added

“Sometimes we solve issues on the phone with a simple solution, though there are other times where we need to get the whole team involved and it can take up most of our day.  I work with such an amazing team that I can truly rely on to solve all of the issues that come our way.

“I really enjoy working here, every day is very different, and you don’t know what you’ll expect when you walk through the door each morning.  

“There are so many ways to solve an issue that comes our way, so we always make sure we work as a team and think of the most effective and efficient solution, luckily, we all work together very well, and everyone is willing to give a helping hand. Teamwork is vital to success.”  

Richard Litchfield, Managing Director at Forward Solutions, added

“Helen is a long-standing member of the team and has been here for 23 years.  She’s really dedicated and always comes in with the best attitude, ready to seize the day. 

“Experience is key in our industry, we need people who know the software throughout and can adapt to our evolving industry, every day a new challenge can occur.  

“With Brexit, in particular, causing complexity in the past and with CDS around the corner, we need to be ahead of the game and have a clear understanding of what we can do to help our customers and make sure we are equipped and ready for what’s next.” 

When Helen isn’t solving customer issues, she likes to spend her time walking, often traveling to the Derbyshire countryside at the weekend. She also loves a nice change of scenery when she goes on holiday. 


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